Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ghost in progress

Just starting a personal project, hopefully when it's done it will be useful in my portfolio. I'm liking the rough so far, but it's REALLY rough.

Lots to learn, more to come.


  1. i hate the video postings they have here, they always make everyones work come out blurrier then it should be, but anywho its looking nice

    i would say mess with her ease in and outs just a tiny bit more. There still needs to be a look of levitation instead of flotation. id say look up video references for that, but i dont know where u'd find good levitation XD

    i think her coming down might be a little to fast, mess with that and see if that helps.

    Really good start though, loved to see this when its finished.

  2. thanks jess, i agree about the end of the video there when she comes down.
    i'll post something soon!