Monday, May 14, 2012

Nymphs of the Seasons - line-art

So this past Sunday I found myself spending the day at a Renaissance Fair in Sante Fe. It was very fun, as Ren Fair's usually are, but this past one there was something I hadn't seen before. They had these gorgeous women painted up as these creates called "Fantasticals" - I took a picture of every one I could find and found myself more inspired than I had been in a while. I guess I've tried to keep myself away from cliche like things such as faeries, etc, but I realize that it's okay to find love in something that is kind of cliche, as long as you have the wit about you to make it personalized and unique. So today I found myself creating images in my head that I HAD to put on paper.
As you can see, these "Fantasticals" went all out. She was by far the brightest one, but there were a ton of very intricate costumes for these things! So after a while, I came up with my own designs; Nymphs of the Seasons.
I'm hoping to get all the coloring done by tomorrow night, we shall see. ~ Mel

Friday, May 11, 2012


I just wanted to break away from character design stuff for a little while and do something I love, which is designing something that is more graphic. I love classic tales, so I thought I may perhaps create pieces for each one, Little Red Riding Hood would be the first. We'll see how the rest go; hopefully they'll be as fun!